The Power of Hope

Hope is a strong thing. The hope that today can be successful, the hope that it will work out, to believe in the best; is something that will benefit even the most stubbornly negative person. I guarantee the practice of Hope is something that will make you day 10 times better. When we wake up we either sigh and resign ourselves to the same stuff as the day before or we can turn our minds to something that is much more difficult, Hope.

Hope can restore lives, save friendships and marriages, make jobs better, improve your spirituality, it can make the tsunamis in your life into small waves. The ability to believe the best will inspire others, encourage the downtrodden, and effect even people you don’t know.

Daily practice of this requires active thought stopping. That means that we have to counter all the negative thoughts we are having with hopeful thoughts. Hope is active, but it is tough to access when it is stored away. The storing process might begin with something like a job loss, a break up or a loss of faith in something or someone. You can end that today and brush off the dust on your inner hope (that may be stored away) and change your life. Hope is something you always have access to. You and I have access to it when the worst happens.

The belief in something better happening is going to change your life. It all starts with a decision. We all want to believe that the best will happen. But few make the decision to actually believe it. Will you make that choice today?


Today is a new day

Today is a new beginning. Even if it feels like the same old thing as yesterday, what matters is the choice you have, and you have choices. You have the freedom to choose a happy day or to be negative and fret and fume. This freedom is a wonderful thing! You can be 60 years old and still make the change. All that matters is the will to make this day special. You have the power within you, we all do.

Three years ago I was miserable. Until I was awoken to the realization that I choose how I feel, no one else does. Not one thing has power over me to have a crap day. Our bosses can scream and yell, our friends say rude things, our parents be controlling and our spouses may be passive aggressive; but in the end YOU have the power to let these things bother you or to move past them and delight in the day.

A way to start this process is gratefulness, remembering the things that have been good to you. Remember the times that a stranger or a loved one was there for you, remember the places you’ve been and try to reflect on your life and look for the positive truths that are resting in the mind. Everyone has a positive experience, it’s just that we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the little negatives that seem so huge in the back of our minds. The only way to defeat that is through overwhelming it with a positive outlook. When that negativity speaks say “NO” and say something positive. Counter it at every chance. Resist the liar and speak the truth. Remember today is gonna be good, I can do whatever is set in my way, whatever obstacle is there I can overwhelm.

“you can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”
-Stephen King