The Power of Hope

Hope is a strong thing. The hope that today can be successful, the hope that it will work out, to believe in the best; is something that will benefit even the most stubbornly negative person. I guarantee the practice of Hope is something that will make you day 10 times better. When we wake up we either sigh and resign ourselves to the same stuff as the day before or we can turn our minds to something that is much more difficult, Hope.

Hope can restore lives, save friendships and marriages, make jobs better, improve your spirituality, it can make the tsunamis in your life into small waves. The ability to believe the best will inspire others, encourage the downtrodden, and effect even people you don’t know.

Daily practice of this requires active thought stopping. That means that we have to counter all the negative thoughts we are having with hopeful thoughts. Hope is active, but it is tough to access when it is stored away. The storing process might begin with something like a job loss, a break up or a loss of faith in something or someone. You can end that today and brush off the dust on your inner hope (that may be stored away) and change your life. Hope is something you always have access to. You and I have access to it when the worst happens.

The belief in something better happening is going to change your life. It all starts with a decision. We all want to believe that the best will happen. But few make the decision to actually believe it. Will you make that choice today?


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