The Present Struggle

“if you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

Something that I am resolving to do is, living in the moment. But, that can be such a struggle. Things at home, at work, with your friends have to be done. Things in the past I sit and dwell on. How can I change my mindset to the present? How can I obtain this moment by moment lifestyle. Dropping that nagging since of dread or worry about what will happen later. What can I do?

I have found that on days like today I dread going back to work. Why? Because I’m worried about what it will bring. But, it is never that bad when I reach the moment, it always surpasses my expectations. Anxiety about the future then ruins my present day! It is a cycle of worry, worry, worry and relief to worry, worry, worry some more later!

But, with a present lifestyle we focus on our work whatever it might be. Then after work we focus on our home and wife or husband or our friends. We don’t look at our phones or think always about things that could go wrong or think about other things. I guarantee this will change our lives. Let’s practice these things together. It will change our work. It will change our relationships. It will bring happiness. Focus on doing things with a positive attitude in the moment.

If you fail or fret, don’t worry. There is always tomorrow. Nothing is in concrete to set forever. You can do or be whoever you want to be. Don’t stress out, be at peace with yourself. Practicing new thought patterns takes work. Don’t expect things to change immediately and stress yourself out further.



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